Nov 142007

Barnaby Joyce has voiced the realities behind the current coalition campaign for re-election.

Now, few people would take a whole lot of notice of what Barnaby says at the best of times, but he is speaking the truth when he says that as an accountant, he might find what he does interesting, but he knows full well that he has that profession because other people don’t find it interesting. His clients want him to do the things they need done for them, without having to be concerned about just how he does it. The same holds true with national governance and the coalition just hasn’t been doing what the people need done.
Eleven and a half years down the track and we, the voters, are now being subjected to an avalanche of good time rhetoric and big spending promises which we were entitled to be getting all along the way, but haven’t seen. It’s near impossible to convince a jaded electorate that all their concerns will be addressed in the final fortnight of an election campaign after eleven and a half years of near total inaction, lies, and obfuscation.
Time to change, for better or worse.

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