Nov 102016

Donald J. Trump. “The Donald”, call him by whatever nominative you choose.HYPE
I am most definitely NOT one to be caught up on the political machinations of another nation-state. Let’s be perfectly clear on that front from the outset. What the Yanks do with what they like to call ‘Democracy’, is their business and ONLY their business. I think it’s amusing, I think it’s gob-smacking and I thing it’s frankly downright laughable. Indeed, all of the post-election rhetoric being spouted by so-called academics who do actually watch this stuff is nothing more than a bowl of spaghetti bolognese spilled onto a carpeted floor. Bloody messy, hard to pick out the bits still worth eating without picking pubes from your mouth, and impossible to ever get out of the carpet regardless of how you try.

I’ve heard all manner of pundits today making all manner of claims ranging from Trump being a closet dictator in the making with all of the tools at his disposal to do precisely what he’s claimed he’ll do, to someone who thought he’d roll the dice, challenge the system and play populist all with no real plan in mind to achieve any of his promises without blowing the arse out of the US economy and sinking the hegemony within 4 years. The bottom line really is that no-one knows! No-one who studies politics, ideologies, the tired left -v- right paradigm, electoral systems, economics, yadda-yadda can claim to understand this man, from the point of view of what they claim to study. He doesn’t fit the bill. The man is a total outsider. He plays in the business world. He’s been bankrupt more times than you’ve had a hot dinner, and yet he’s still a potent force in US business. Their system allows failures to resurrect themselves with little or no penalty, well…..goodo for them. Maybe in this case, they’ll come to regret allowing a former bankrupt to become the most powerful person in their political scene. Maybe we all will, but I doubt it.

Let’s look at realities.There will be no ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico. There will be no ban on Muslim immigration. The US economy relies on immigration, just as ours does. Without the supposed 11 million ‘illegal’ immigrants doing the shit work that US citizens don’t want to do, that economy will collapse literally overnight. Will Trump manipulate the US Supreme Court to do away with Roe -v- Wade? Never! The man may present as a buffoon, but he has sufficient street smarts to realise that alienating 50% of the voter populace, ie: women, any more than he already has probably done, would be utter insanity. Is he insane? No. Does he believe in right-to-life as opposed to women reserving the right to decide just what they do or don’t do with their own reproductive systems? Scroll back through time and take your pick. He’s been on both sides.

Will the US become more isolationist in terms of global trade? Highly unlikely because of the irreparable damage such a movement would incur. America can’t afford to produce her own goods in lieu of importing cheap Chinese products simply in order to create jobs. Place import tariffs on Chinese goods and look out! China owns two-thirds of the US foreign debt. Should China decide to call in that debt, America is yesterday’s news.

Trump has also claimed he wants to expand the US military as part of his ‘make America great again’ mantra. Where is the money going to come from if he is also going to spend on moribund US infrastructure, create jobs, deport 11 million illegals, become isolationist on immigration and trade? How much more of the US farm does he intend to sell off….probably to China as the only economy capable of buying it….. in order to meet all of his fantasy-land promises?

Let me end this giggle….and that’s what I’m doing, giggling at the *gasp* *gulp* horror expressions of the so-called intelligentsia…. with this. The next four years will be amazingly watchable from a political perspective. The sky won’t fall in, but I seriously doubt the US, from an economic perspective, will advance in any way, shape or form. Will it go backwards? Maybe, but I doubt it. Will Trump create problems internationally from a global perspective? Can he really….REALLY….afford to? Ain’t gonna happen. This historical event, and it is insofar as US history is concerned, will pass with minimal concern. The world we see today will be the same world we see in 2020. Unfortunately. The election of a non-political player into the playground of US politics creates an indefinable set of circumstances that no-one predicted, and no-one has answers for. Buckle up and let’s go for the ride. I’m willing to bet it’ll be a fizzer.

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