Nov 132007

Here’s an interesting article. Seasoned airline & military pilots collectively stating that too little has been done by relevant agencies to clarify the question of UFO sightings.

UFO sightings are legendary among those who claim to have had a close encounter, but unless you’ve had such an encounter, it’s just a tad difficult to accept that other worldly interstellar space craft are buzzing around in our atmosphere. Various international governmental agencies haven’t aided clarification either with cloak-and-dagger speculations and veils of silence in the name of so-called ‘national security’. One does tend to wonder just what Project Blue Book managed to resolve over the 22 years of its existence, other than to perpetuate various conspiracy theories and help launch blockbuster television shows like X-Files.
In the final wash-up, just what is a ‘UFO’? Quite simply, it’s an Unidentified Flying Object. Not an alien spacecraft or some super-secret government project looking into anti-gravity propulsion. Just something which ‘flies’ where aircraft travel and doesn’t look or behave like aircraft. Maybe they are visitors from the vastness of space. Maybe these sightings are just ball lightning or charged inversion layers in the upper atmosphere. Whatever they are, I tend to agree with the airline and military pilots on the panel in the AFP article. In this age where technology can both adequately scan and identify a flying object, and contribute to hiding one, there really isn’t any excuse for citing something as an Unidentified Flying Object.

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