Feb 252008

Spotted this story in the Daily Telegraph. It seems a senior Boeing delivery pilot decided to perform what we are led to believe is a replica of the ‘fly-by’ stunt pulled by Tom Cruise playing the hot-shot F-14 pilot ‘Maverick’. The pics clearly show the massive Boeing 777-300ER swooping extremely low over the runway at Snohomish County/Paine Field Airport (KPAE) which is the home field for the Boeing 747, 767, 777 and 787 production line. The comments make interesting reading, but at least one indicates that the pilot-in-charge was a ‘don’t-come-Monday’ waiting to happen. Striking aircraft, just the same.
It’s not the first time a Boeing employee has pulled a stunt in a large airliner, but the company doesn’t smile kindly on such activities, for obvious reasons.

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