Jul 252007

Habib demands apology for ’insult’

Now this is much more interesting that Kevin Rudd chasing populist butterflies. Mamdouh Habib in court for ’offensive behaviour’ and ’offensive language’ whatever that might mean. Actually, I’m left to wonder just how many non-muslim, white caucasian Australians conduct themselves ’offensively’ in McDonalds restaurants on a daily basis? I’ve seen a few. As for calling a copper a ’piece of shit’, I hardly think it’s a court offence. You’d have to wonder as well, if the police were in the Maccas to investigate an unrelated matter, what were they doing ordering coffee’s?

Yes, I know I’m jumping to the support of Habib without the full facts of the matter, but whose fault is that if the details in the media are as scant as they obviously appear to be. Surely the Daily Telegraph can do better than painting Habib as the nasty by default?

On the issue of the photograph of the offending policewoman driving the unmarked police car, as an officer of the law she ought to know that anyone may take a photo of another person or object in public at any time without fear of being challenged for doing so. Storm on a teacup? Sounds much like it, however, if you look beyond the MSM hysteria, there is something far more sinister here.

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