Feb 082007

Bannerman just finished watching the much awaited ’debate’ between Mister Millionaire, Malcolm Turnbull and Mister Greenie, Peter Garrett on 7:30 Report.

The transcript won’t be available until tomorrow morning, however one thing about the interaction stood out clearly to the Bannerman. As eloquent as Turnbull appears to be, and as well armed with notes as he clearly was, Garrett never once stooped to character assassination of his opponent as Turnbull did on at least two occasions. Bannerman also noted that while Turnbull constantly referred to notes of what Garrett allegedly said at nameless interviews with the media, Garrett issued forth with facts, figures and a well defined stand on where he and his party stand on issues such as carbon trading, climate change and alternate energies.

Less than thirty minutes spent discussing an enormously broad-ranging set of issues such as Turnbull and Garrett represent for their respective parties is hardly indicative of the strength of the proponent’s arguments or the individual’s ability to support it respectively. However, it is clear to the Bannerman just what the tactics of both are in this face-to-face style of presentation. It’s also clear just which one has the more powerful presence.

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