Oct 212007

Carnage. That’s the word to best describe race three. Race three came down to who could salvage what points from the round, and just where would they wind up at round end. There was bad luck, which I’d attribute to Tander and Whincup; inconsistency yet again from the stewards with the WOW/WPS car circulating with rear bodywork clearly waving in the wind, lack of proper planning with both Jason Richards AND Greg Murphy pitting at the same time, Murphy having to transit the pitlane without stopping, only to have to pit again later for real.
Tander was released milliseconds too early from his compulsory pit stop, colliding marginally with Jason Richards in the lane. Instant drive-through penalty for illegal release. Whincup locked a front right on the entry to turn eight, winding up mid field as a result, but just after Tander had been awarded his penalty. Still a chance and coming back fast, he fell victim to rushing blood and a narrow, crowded racetrack.
Remarkable was the non-event the weekend turned out to be for Rick Kelly, brother Todd, Mark Skaife and after a terrific qualifying, Ford Performance Racing’s Mark Winterbottom. Here’s the final standings for race three.
1021171417.jpg… points from Round 11… 1021171500.jpg…and points standings following this round.


Here’s a thought for the round. I couldn’t help but wonder just how much the trophies from this weekend’s round would fetch on E-Bay. What do you reckon, reader?

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