Mar 092008

I didn’t blog race one yesterday because I was occupied with my other love, flight-simming. It’s clear from what I saw and heard in the background thatI didn’t miss much.

I’m just plain, straight-out fucking disgusted at Channel Seven, providing a pathetic 90 minutes yesterday afternoon, just squeezing in Race One. There was all sorts of news & views begging to be aired, judging by the teasers thrown out by Neil Crompton, but commentary simply didn’t have the time to expand. Pity, because it appears the circus is alive with innuendo regarding James Courtney and his former teammate, Russell Ingall. From what little was said, I’d suggest Ingall was told to POQ if he couldn’t stand the competition at Stone Brothers. Attitudes probably not enhanced by what I presume to be a rather arrogant Courtney.
The race itself was as boring as batshit. Tander bolted from the start and wasn’t really headed, despite the Compulsory Pitstop. Skaife continues to live up to my predictions by starting #2 off the grid and loosing five places before turn one. There was a briefly exciting stoush between Jamie Whincup and Will Davison where both raced door-to-door through the tightest section of Eastern Creek in the opening few laps, but apart from that, the race was really a non-event. Hopefully, races two & three today will have more ‘oomph’.


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