Jul 122010

I’m growing tired of waiting for the Federal Election. Why? Because every three years we’re exposed to the same bullshit, propagated by different people. Julia Gillard’s tweets today – “I believe in the importance of hard work; the obligation that we all owe to ourselves and others, to earn our keep and do our best.” and “We are privileged to live here. We best respect that great privilege by working together, shaping a better future, going forward not back.” are the essence of the sound bite culture which modern politics has become. A lot of content but zero substance.

I’m not interested in nothing issues like how many refugee boats didn’t land on Australian shores last month, or whether or not an asylum-seeker clearing house is constructed in the Kerguelen Islands, or who tells the biggest lies of the two major party leaders. I’m only interested in good government, astute financial management of the nation’s coffers, whose wars we’re NOT tagging along on, whether education is being properly and prudently funded and health care the same. If there was a bumper sticker competition pertinent to this coming election, I’d opt for something along the lines of “I pay tax, and I vote!”.

A more pertinent slogan I can’t think of.

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