Sep 022007

Oh, come on, Kim! Surely you don’t seriously believe that no-one’s going to think you’re miffed at being turfed as Labor leader?

Granted, you were an unlucky leader, but in politics, a good leader makes his own luck. This is precisely what Rudd has done since December 2006, and his tactics are entirely different to yours. Howard isn’t just a ’lucky’ politician, he’s a clever politician and one who is much cleverer than you ever could have been. You’re too moral, ethical. Howard isn’t on either score and that’s where he had you tied.
Face facts, Kim. Your brand of politics died in 1996. Unless you’re prepared to lie, cheat, misdirect, obfuscate and generally take the electorate for granted, you’re not in the same league as Howard. Rudd is still learning and a change of leadership for Labor has allowed the aspiration for change to blossom. Without that change, Howard wouldn’t be in the dire straits he is today. Your exit, Kimbo, was a necessary part of the reformation of Australian society. You might feel you’ve not been able to play an important part, but without your exit from the leadership, Labor wouldn’t be where it is today. Feel proud that you’ve done your bit, and handed over to the next team, but please……lay off the sour grapes.

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