Oct 252007

Paul Keating never ceases to amuse, nor does he cease to drive home the fact that his government, and that of the Hawke government before him, placed Australia where it is today.

Keating today launched the federal election campaign of Greg Combet in the seat of Charlton. The speech he gave, in my view, is right up there with his other classics. Aside from yet again highlighting the realities of eleven years of Howardian economic inaction and the free ride the conservatives have had these past eleven years, he still hasn’t and probably never will, let go of the personal angst he holds towards John Howard.
On the entertainment front though, the linked video is well worth watching. Take note of his description of John Howard handling 18% inflation, and his portrayal of Peter Costello’s economic management style. Pure Keating vitriol and delivered with a goodly slice of sarcasm. Well worth a look.

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