Nov 162007

Andrew Bartlett, Australian politics’ only ‘real’ blogger, has chalked up 1,000 posts since starting out as a Senatorial blogger in 2004. he’s up for re-election this time around and still has enough in his tank to want to represent Queensland for another six years.
If there are two speakers in the Senate who I appreciate listening to more than any other, it’s the two Andrews. Bartlett and Murray. Unfortunately, Andrew Murray is retiring this time around and upper house debates will have much less meaning with his exit. That leaves Andrew Bartlett to ‘keep the bastards honest’. Whatever your politics, I’d strongly urge all voters to consider the real purpose of a house of review and re-elect Andrew Bartlett for another term. I’ve met the man, spoken with him on issues of import to we voters, and find him to be not only honourable, but genuinely concerned about the veracity of the political process in this country.
I’m not one to campaign for this party or that party, but when it comes to individual politicians with integrity, you simply can’t go past Andrew. Above or below the line, make sure you give him #1 in the Senate.

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