Sep 052012

So, Gina Rinehart whines because she doesn’t have enough time for drinking, smoking & socialising because she’s too busy making money.  My heart bleeds. Now I see David Flanagan (Atlas Iron) whines because he doesn’t think the working classes have him & his ilk on a high enough pedestal.

“There’s this feeling of entitlement, which is growing in our society, where so many people are just, sort of, saying to the government: oh I want free this and free that and I want you to just give me money and subsidise this and go ahead and tax those bastards,” he said.

Fuck you very much too, David Flanagan. Entitlement? What, to a job where a fair days work receives a fair days pay? Where the working conditions don’t place life & limb at risk? If that’s ‘entitlement’ then yeh, you’re fucking right. We feel that.

Flanagan, Rinehart et al seem to think that their gamble on digging in the dirt and selling the rocks for a profit overseas – a short-term gamble on which they’ve borrowed long – should be lauded by we who simply don’t rate on their social radar. We, the workers, who through our efforts deliver them their massive profits for which they believe they owe us, who are also the asset holders securing their gambles, diddly-squat. The arrogance is mind-shattering. In Flanagan’s case, I find it extraordinary and quite ironically revealing that someone who makes a big deal out of sitting on numerous not-for-profit boards & charities should come out claiming that hard work isn’t valued anymore. If he’d pull his head from his arse & come down to the factory floor once in a while, engage with the people he thinks don’t work hard enough, he might find out differently.

Are we Australians entitled to the benefits which should be flowing from the wealth the Rineharts and Flanagans are pulling from our soil? Too fucking right we are!! This is our land, it belongs to all Australians. Most of us work in jobs we hate because we have to, not because we want to. Money is a necessary evil, not one of life’s much sought-after, keep-up-with-the-Jones’s commodities. The more money you have does not automatically translate to the power & position you think you ought to hold in any society structure. If you have more, if you make more, then you pay more back to the society, it’s very simple. Are we, as a society, entitled to that expectation? Too fucking right we are!!

Am I outraged? Yeh, I’m outraged. Who the hell are these people and what do they think gives them the right to pontificate their views on the lives people less fortunate, nay……less lucky than they might have been. These so-called barons of industry make me feel decidedly ill. They don’t espouse the Australian ethos, they complain about it because theirs doesn’t hold sway over the average Aussie. Do your research on these people, these privileged primadonnas. There isn’t a single one of them that doesn’t complain that their industry, their company doesn’t get enough subsidy from government for R&D, for infrastructure, for payroll tax relief and yet they are the very first to turn and bite the same hand which feeds their expansion by claiming government is waging a class war against them, unduly taxing their super-profits or otherwise restricting what they’d prefer to have – an unfettered, wholly capitalistic free-for-all to make their hay while the mining-boom sun shines. Let’s be perfectly clear. Mining companies exist ONLY to benefit the shareholders and the major shareholders are always the original board members. Those with a genuine vested interest.

Don’t cry to me, David Flanagan. Don’t tell me how to live my life Gina Rinehart. Get on and do what you do while I still allow you to do so, and pay your fair share. I don’t ask much, just a fair go. You should shut your traps and do likewise.

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