Jun 092010

Here’s a bright point on the political scene, coming from someone who knows. Do have a read and consider the angst our media in general go out of their way to create for politicians and public figures.

Always focusing on the sensational, the tawdry, and dare I say it, the partisan viewpoints. Two points I’d make here.

  1. who gives a continental about the 2020 Summit, the fact that it was held at all or what, if anything came or comes from it; and
  2. if the PM’s advisor and keeper of the diary says, "hey, we’re really not going to be able to fit all this in", can where the man appears or doesn’t appear be held up as frivolous disrespect?

Besides, the Button family were apparently sanguine about the entire issue, so what business is it of the anti-Labor media commentariate whether the PM does or doesn’t show at the funeral of an honoured party member?

mudslinger As a prime example of how the partisan media grab hold of and use absolutely anything against the Rudd government, and indeed anything Labor, within minutes of the Annie O’Rourke Drum piece going up, this piece of plagiarism appeared in the Oz. Notice, if you will, the immediate focus on the “pain in the butt” part of this piece by Mitchell acolyte, Samantha Maiden. Partisan, what?

Plaudits go to Annie O’Rourke for writing, not that she had to write anything, and plaudits to Misha Schubert and Annabel Crabbe for promoting the article on Twitter. An excellent use of the social media outlet. Annie O’Rourke is right to call all Progressives, regardless of what you might have read, seen or heard from the various partisan media outlets, to get behind Labor and Kevin Rudd in the run-up to this years election. Unless we get the realisation out into the community that Tony Abbott represents John Howard lite and all that we, the people, decided we didn’t want any more of, we’ll wind up with more of what we thought we’d dispensed with. I couldn’t care less whether Rudd has an ‘angry heart’ or has problems delegating. As a student of management, I’d say he’s nothing if not normal for executive level management material. So what?!! Build a bridge and get the fuck over it people and wake up to the reality which awaits Australia if we act as gullible as the mainstream media think we are.

  2 Responses to “WANTED: News Reporter. Muck Hurlers Need Not Apply”

  1. fuck off Robert, Fuck off Josh. Go smoke your dope, or better still, get some real medication for your depression.

  2. fuck off Robert, Fuck off Josh. Go smoke your dope, or better still, get some real medication for your depression.

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