Feb 202008

As is my wont, I take in Question Time daily. Today I heard Julia Gillard opining the enormous waste created by the Howard government in it’s desperation to promote WorkChoices. Thousands of mousemats, pens, fridge magnets and the like are due to be trashed with the impending repeal of those divisive laws. I thought, “there has to be a better option…”

I decided to write to the Member for Lalor.

Hello Julia,
Listening to Question Time today I note you mentioned a plethora of Howard government ‘Workchoices’ propaganda (mousepads, pens, fridge magnets, etc) which I presume Labor will be trashing. As a taxpayer, and ardent Labor voter, I’d rather you didn’t simply trash the goods, but rather, make them available to the public as a reminder of what we might have been subjected to, and what we might still be subjected to at some point in the future, should conservatism ever take hold of our society and culture again.
A ‘Workchoices’ pen in a top pocket might make for an interesting discussion piece at a luncheon or dinner, wouldn’t you say? Like 11 November, 1975, I believe we should remember, maintain the rage, so to speak. History always repeats. If we can delay it’s repetition, by keeping history honest, then I think it’s a good job well done.
What do you think?

I’ll keep the ‘sphere appraised of developments.
UPDATE – 21 February:
This morning’s response:

Dear Niall
Thank you for your email to the Deputy Prime Minister. Julia has asked me to respond on her behalf. Indeed, I agree with the points you have made and would be more than happy to send you some pens for your top pocket! Please feel free to forward your postal details.
Also, I note that an effort has been made to recycle where possible, as much as possible – please see the following link for more information about this
(link here)
Kind regards
Rachael Purcell
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Ask, and ye shall receive, or so it seems. Given that all Labor members were showing off their WorkChoices pens during QT yesterday, there might not be too many left for we tax-payers. If you’re like me and want to collect a curiosity, I’d suggest you get in for your chop quickly.

  One Response to “Waste Not, Want Never”

  1. Unfortunately people DO forget, more quickly these days than of yore. Maintain the Rage lasted for a couple of years but I’d be surprised if most people will even remember WorkChoices by the time the year is out. So yes, let us know what the reply,if any, is.

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