Dec 182014

So….David Leyonhjelm reckons that Sydney hostage business wouldn’t happen….sorry, PROBABLY wouldn’t happen, in Texas or  Florida. He clearly didn’t do his research, which at the very least should have consisted of a Google on the terms “Hostage Situations Texas” and “Hostage Situations Florida”.

Had he done such a small embarrassment-saving exercise, he’d have found this and this. Yes, just two reported hostage crises in the past 20-odd years in either US state. 6 fatalities in the former after 3 hours, in the latter, 1 fatality after 3 hours. In both, the hostage taker was slain by law enforcement. Yet, both of those US states apparently allow what is colloquially called, concealed carry or the carrying of concealable firearms. That ability clearly didn’t help the 7 dead persons.

This business of claiming that armed civilians are better able to protect themselves against a determined, usually much more heavily armed, madman if they are carrying a concealable weapon is complete and utter bullshit! For starters, how many of us – Australians I’m speaking of now, we’re a totally different crew to you Yanks, would be capable of drawing down on and firing with lethal intent on another human being? Yeh, sure, we might say we are, but could we? Would we? This is Australia. We don’t foster a love of firearms as a part of our culture. Notice I use the word “love”, for in my estimation, that is what a great many of the 400,000,000 American citizens have for their favourite weapon. One need only peruse the numerous extremist militia/survivalist/anti-whatever websites created by American doomsayers and conspiracy theorists to understand this bizarre behaviour. A firearm never kills anyone. It’s the pretentious, self-centred, bigoted and usually gormless fool with his/her finger around a trigger that kills people.

Me personally…..I have no angst against those who choose to hold a firearms license and own such weapons in the course of their livelihood, occupation or sporting endeavour. But to simply own a gun because you can seems to me to be entirely mindless.For example, I can own a firearm, any firearm currently allowed under Australian legislation. I can hold a firearms license under Queensland law, absolutely nothing stopping me. There is a process which I need to follow, and rightly so. Does that process infringe upon my liberties? Not in the least. Do I have a REASON for owning a firearm? Again, not in the least. I live in suburbia, I don’t hunt game for sustenance, I have no vermin to keep under control and I don’t have any desire to engage in shooting as a hobby. So, why would I, or indeed, SHOULD I, ever have the want or need to hold a firearms license or actual firearm?

This is where we differ….thankfully….from the US. Our Constitution doesn’t automatically grant us, as citizens, the right to bear arms. It also does not DENY us the right to bear arms. In fact, there is no law of this land which effectively denies any citizen from either applying for a firearms license or subsequently, owning firearms. Follow the process, be of sound mind, have no preceding record of aberrant social behaviour or criminal record, and you will find a license to own firearms will be granted IF you can provide & validate a reasonable need. For example, a sporting shooter. Very broad term that, sporting shooter.

And do you, dear reader, understand why our Constitution doesn’t automatically grant us, as citizens, the right to bear arms? Purely because we became a nation-state through political means, not military means. We – Australia – started out as a disparate collection of separate colonies which performed a penitentiary function for a colonial master. We aged, became politically mature, sought autonomy and were granted statehood by that master. We will, one day soon hopefully, finally cut those ties to that master, but for now, we can quietly, and confidently state that our beginnings were radically different to those to the US of A. We, as a culture, have no need of firearms as protective weapons against our own fellows. They, are us, and we, them. Why, in the name of all that any single one of us might hold sacred would we want to be a mimic of another nation-state? I certainly don’t want to be, and will make every effort to ensure that we’re not be writing such missives as that which you’re now reading. Thanks for getting this far, by the way.

Australians are not, by nature, an aggressive people, HOWEVER, we will fight – just like every other supposedly patriotic, nationalistic, herd animal – for the rights and liberties of our herd. Personally, I’ll fight for me and mine, the rest of you can fend for yourselves, but if push came to shove, if your views, wants, needs and desires aligned with mine, I’d take you under my wing. I’m that kind of guy. That said, I still will not embrace this idiotic desire of the narrow-minded few, like Leyonhjelm, who think that we should be like them. I will vehemently oppose it with every fibre of my being. The moment we lose our individuality, is the moment we surrender the hive mind and I am most definitely NOT part of anyone’s hive.

Oh, by the by, if you’re wondering if I could, in the moment, draw down on and fire with lethal intent at another human being……yeh, I could. I might be a tad slow because my mind would be asking for a precise WHY and SHOULD I, but yes, I could, especially if the target posed an immediate threat to me & mine. I believe we all can, in the moment. None of us who are of rational mind & logical thought process will kill another human being without momentary due consideration. To claim otherwise either identifies the claimant as a pure sociopath, or a blatant liar. In the final analysis… I perceive a need to ever have that situation presented to me? Frankly, no.

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