Oct 262006

We’re back, Ladies & Gents. I’ve just emailed Tim Dunlop of ‘The Road to Surfdom’ to let him know that the previous blog is now a dead duck, but that this one is up & running. I expect we’ll see the usual initial flood of lame-brained name-callers from the Tim Blair’s sycophant stable dropping by shortly to crap on anything and everything within their fecal range. Fear not though, dear reader. This blog is deliberately intended to be different to its previous incarnation in that it will NOT be quoting or promoting any other Oz blog in this tome. You see, I’ve come to the belief that this is how the Oz ‘Sphere survives. It literally feeds off itself. The Australian clique is so small and sharply defined that no-one from without the Oceania region of the ‘net is likely to be interested in what goes on downunda, so there’s a constant brawl going on for premiership. I’m not in the least interested in such carry-on.

Here’s the rules of this author’s game:

  • I write for me;
  • If you read it, lector caveo;
  • If you comment, on your head be it;
  • I retain all rights and privileges to what appears in this domain, just as Andrea Harris does on hers.
  • all opinions expressed here are those of the author and are copyright. I am not a member of any political party, nor desire to be.

Don’t forget…..if you have an opinion to express and want somewhere to do it, where it won’t be censored, banned or otherwise smothered no matter what it might be, there’s always the ThinkTank.


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