Feb 072008

Polls and surveys which result in ponderous tomes, such as Yearbook Australia 2008, always provide some amusement to me.

I find it extraordinary that a nation of 21 million people from diverse cultures, living equally diverse lifestyles can be reduced to percentage points on some database.
Defacto relationships are on the increase, but marriage is still the norm. Really? Ya Think??!! That’s a cultural issue, not a statistical one.
We all tend to recycle, but most of our garbage still winds up in landfill. Well, hello? Surely that’s due to inability or unwillingness of local government to find and spend the money on actually providing adequate and efficient recycling infrastructure.
More of us are using public transport. Well, I can tell you, dear reader, it’s certainly not because we enjoy doing so, or that public transport is in any way convenient or comfortable. It most certainly is not. That’s a whole different gripe on my behalf, so don’t start me off. Suffice to say it’s time I started looking for a new motorcycle.
I realise that numerous analytical-type personalities are gainfully employed in gathering this information, but seriously, what happens to it apart from being bound into tomes which no-one ever reads? Public libraries undoubtedly have numerous editions mouldering away on high shelves in obscure isles, but who, apart from the researchers, actually benefits from the gathering? I suppose it gives pedants like me something to whinge about, eh?

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