Jul 272007

I’m still wondering why I chose to spend the last few minutes of my Friday at Chez Blair. I never go there, yet something directed my address bar in that direction.
I’d noticed this entry, a typical Blairistic turd shat out into the ether for no better reason than to incite the howler monkeys which inhabit his comment box. I noted that not one commenter realised the difference grammatically between the words ‘note’ and ‘notice’. At least I attempted to note that inconsistency, but couldn’t because of this advice from the content management software:

New membership accounts are not accepted at this time.
Tim Blair

So, it seems that in Blairville, it’s SOP to slag off your ideological anti-thesis, but not allow them – Tim Dunlop in this case – any right of reply. In fact, no-one, it seems, who isn’t already a member of the troop can have a say.
Wasn’t Tim Blair the man who reckoned that locking out a comment box was bad form?

  One Response to “What Boredom Will Drive A Person To”

  1. No offence, but you’ve ruined my evening. I haven’t thought about that wanker for at least 6 months. Now I’ve got the willies. Please don’t mention TB for another year at least ;)

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