Jul 312007

The internet chatroom conversation between the Gold Coast doctor and his brother in India showed he had an awareness of the terrorist plot, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said today.

I heard Andrews doorstop on PM on the way home. Frankly, I didn’t hear anything which would definitively impact on my view that Haneef was an innocent victim of an over-zealous and poorly administered police regime trying to do as it thought its political masters wanted. Haneef was told by relatives that his sim card had been wound into the post-Glasgow post-London bomb threats. He was advised by his relatives to get out, and I strongly suspect because he’s:

  • Muslim; and
  • a coloured-skinned Asian

Long bow? I suggest, dear reader, that you frequent some of the rabid-right blogsites or read the likes of Akerman and Albrechtsen in the MSM. I still don’t believe for a moment that Haneef had anything to do with his cousin’s ‘projects’ as per the webchat. I’d really like to see the chat logs before I’ll cop that one.

No, this is a case of the AFP being both alert AND alarmed to degrees which are totally uncalled for in any rational sense. Nice try, Kevin Andrews, but I for one can’t cop it.

  One Response to “What He Really Meant Was…”

  1. Isn’t iot a sad commentary on our ‘trust’ of government that, what ever Android Andrews said, anyone with double digit IQ would assume that he was spinning?
    If he held his briefing at High Noon and said it was 12.05pm I’d look out the window to check the sun was shining.
    These are our RULERS, no longer OUR government, our servants whom we pay and ‘choose’ at roughly three year intervals.

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