May 142009

Who watches the Gruen Transfer on Wednesday nights?

I do, mainly for the tit-for-tat that goes on between Todd Sampson and Russell Howcroft. Clearly there’s quite a lot of professional angst between those two. I also watch for the segment they call, The Pitch. Always a funny bit where two ad agencies are given a theme and asked to create a short television commercial supporting that theme.
Last night’s Pitch became very sober and serious from the moment Will Anderson noted that the second ad in The Pitch would not be shown and that he’d explain more afterwards. Here’s why. The second ad wasn’t funny, and it wasn’t intended to be by it’s creator who clearly has distinct opinions regarding discrimination. Discrimination of any kind.
I’m unsure of just what to think, given that I too have chuckled at ‘Yo Mama’ jokes about fat people, but it does give one cause for reflection.

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