Oct 192011

What is it with this country lately? All manner of people seem to think they have something to whinge about.

There’s the Occupy [insert preferred city/suburb/public space] movement, there’s Alan Jones & his cohort of looney-tune, blue-rinsers, there’s the dumb-fucks-in-trucks with their pseudo-American beliefs that government is here to rip them off, put them all into communes and basically shut them down. Absolute idiocy in my view and beliefs totally out of touch with reality. Greg Jericho struck a chord with me today, with his piece on The Drum today. It’s a very good summation of what seems to have raised it’s head, and why, but also why these quasi-ideological rantings make no sense, even if there may be some evidence of where the emotions come from.

This is principally the problem with undirected bleating. That’s all it is. Whining for the sake of whining. It’s not directed, or focussed. It has no logical rationale. The Occupy mob, as Greg says, are anti the bale-out-and-bolt culprits at the upper end of our financial industry, but seriously, our financial industry had very little to do with where the Occupy mob originated. The Big Four borrowed overseas, certainly, but the reality is that all financial institutions borrow overseas. That’s what makes the world go around. The movement of digital sums of money that have no substance, but enormous impact. Australia’s financial industry is better regulated and administered than most around the globe and so we missed the major impacts of the so-called ‘GFC’. Further, the federal government ensured that we didn’t suffer the impacts by applying the now decried stimulus.  The conservatives want to believe that Labor spent THEIR surplus, when in fact any surplus left behind by Howard’s crew was a direct result of conservatism’s tight-fisted  approach to health, education and infrastructure improvement. Treasury advised the then government in 2008 to ‘go household’ and so it was. The stimulus worked. The stimulus shielded us from the GFC and whatever effects we felt economically were very short-lived. Evidence the two tier economy we current have in this country. Mining retracted but like a rubber band, sprang back in quick time. We have nothing to complain about economically in Oz, so what, exactly, are the Occupy mob bleating about?

The crew being led around by the nose by Alan Jones and his 2UE blue-rinsers are simple ideologues, disgruntled that their team missed out on a guernsey in August last year. The democratic process worked exactly as it should have, leaving Australia with a minority government supported by independents who have thrown their lot in with Labor, as opposed to the conservatives. Why? Clearly, Labor offered more towards achieving what each independent member was seeking on a national-interest basis. The conservatives offered next to nothing and ludicrous promises of billion dollar hospitals. They failed, and in that failure has arisen a bile and vitriol I’ve never seen in my 36 years as a voter. We do have a functional government, indeed, one that is successfully passing legislation and acting in the better interests of the nation as a whole. Yet conservatism wants nothing more than to wreck this success, preferring to concentrate on non-issues like asylum-seekers. Foolishly, Labor has allowed itself to play their game, simply because it’s captured by the political imperative. As long as Labor plays the ball served up by conservatism, it will wander further and further from the true path. But in reality, Labor has not given this country anything of substance to complain about, other than out-negotiating its opponents in the democratic process. So why the bleating from the conservative apologists? Because they can. Australia is a democracy and that means whinging & bleating is fine & dandy. Senseless, but fine and dandy if that’s your bag.

And the dumb-fucks-in-trucks? What can I say? There are conspiracy theorists in every society and always those who fear authority, big government or simply being told what to do. Simple-minded fools in my estimation, who fear that which they do not understand and make no effort to understand.

We, in Australia, have nothing to complain about. We have little or no connection to the woes besetting other parts of the globe and to my mind, we are still a very lucky country. Sure, there will always be those for whom life could be better, easier, more affluent. I recall a conservative politician who once made the statement that life wasn’t meant to be easy. For a conservative, I reckon he was spot on. Life is what you make it & if you’re going to spend it complaining then it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be difficult by definition because you’re the one making it so. These issues which people complain about are non-events, drops into the giant ocean of life. Get over yourselves, Occupiers, blue-rinsers and conspiracy theorists. Your whinging is lame, your complaints baseless and your visions for the future non-existent. Time for a life. Get out there & make one.

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