Sep 062010

Tax truce in doubt as miners threaten new ad blitz
And so what if the MCA does re-start their massively wasteful, shareholder-funded anti-resources tax campaign? Where’s the political sting going to come from if all three of the Independents Labor is counting on for minority government are in favour of the tax? As far as I’m aware, only Bob Katter has expressed any opposition to the tax, but thus far, that was weeks ago. He’s since spent two days with former PM – and possibly comeback kid from what I hear – Kevin Rudd. Would KRudd have avoided an issue which is clearly close to his heart, and what he risked & lost his Prime Ministership over? I think not. And why wouldn’t a resources rent tax be beneficial to regional Australia? All of Australia’s mineral wealth comes from regional Australia and a strong argument can be put by those most fervent about the survival of regional Australia for the support the non-renewable resource rent would grant those remote areas. As long as it does.
This is the beauty of a minority government. Those with the power aren’t the government. Merely an integral part of one. Here’s hoping the right decisions are made by the three amigos. Either way, there should not be….indeed, MUST not be any kowtowing to mining interests on what belongs to the people.

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