Sep 162008

Gerard Henderson believes Malcolm Turnbull is the goods as Liberal Party leader.

With a party room result of 45 votes to 41 votes, I’d hardly declare the result as conclusive. Clearly, there are 41 people who either didn’t want change (again), or dislike Turnbull’s style for one reason or another. For myself, I don’t think a whole lot of Turnbull as a person, let alone as a political leader. The man is a prime opportunist, who will do and say whatever it takes to achieve a desired end in favour of Malcolm Turnbull. As an alternative Prime Minister, I find the prospect to be downright terrifying.
Still, I suppose something had to be done, and I have nothing but the highest admiration for Brendan Nelson in bringing on the spill which cost him his job. That takes guts, especially when the numbers were, and have been for months, unclear. In the background of it all there’s still the spectre of Peter Costello, a man who vehemently despises the new Liberal Party leader. I remain firmly convinced that Costello is not a spent force and will not depart the scene unless something radical takes place, precluding him entirely from a future tilt at the leadership. What that something might be, I can’t even begin to imagine, but clearly, as displayed on Sunday’s ‘Sixty Minutes’ interview, Peter Costello isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and despite what he claims about his leadership ambitions, he’s left so much wriggle room as to be able to swing the proverbial and not hit a thing.
Turnbull at the Despatch Box should be amusing, if not interesting.

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