Mar 242011

Yesterday the ‘People’s Revolt’ raised its head again.

These revolting people from the likes of the Climate Sceptics Party, National Civic Council, Coalition of Law-Abiding Shooters (que???), One Nation and Australian League of Rights were apparently all being egged on by Sydney radio station 2GB and a rather unheard of collective that calls itself Consumers and Taxpayers Association. What’s that? No Tea-Party? Well, Virginia, take a look through that little lot and I’d suggest it’s already there in spirit, if not in name.

I have to ask, what is a radio station doing promoting political activism, and who is this Chris Smith person? Then we have Alan Moran from the Institute for Public Affairs claiming “the only alternative is to do nothing” in response to government’s intention to introduce a fixed price on carbon emissions. Do nothing?!!!?

Abbott then fronts this motley arouse-a-crowd, with the backing sounds of some loud-mouthed reprobate shouting ‘DITCH THE BITCH’, states that climate change is real and claims that putting a tax on carbon emissions is not the answer. Like all the other deniers, he refuses to address the issue of human-induced climate change, yet has already stated in the House some time ago that he saw nothing wrong with a simple tax on carbon, when Kevin Rudd was trying to get his ETS up & running. This is a man who will opportunistically do & say anything to achieve a particular goal. His one and only goal, of course, is government, and the big chair. At any price. If that means prostituting himself to extremist groups and illiterate ratbags in a bid to stir up the all too common fear-and-loathing so beloved by conservatism in this country, that’s what he’ll do.

Of course, this gimmick in Canberra yesterday has nothing whatever to do with Climate Change, or carbon pricing, or how much your power bill may or may not increase by. It has only to do with far right conservatism desperation, frustration and even downright anger at being cheated of power by a democratic system designed to provide the result it did for the sake of stability of government. That stability goes directly to the people in that government and responsible for running it. A certainty is that a Tony Abbott led conservative government is NOT what this country wants, or needs. Are the somewhat directionless Labor crew much better? No, not in my view, but as a choice between two devils, I’ll take the one I feel least concerned about running my country.

If you were at all curious about what kind of people are behind this rat-baggery, I’ve discovered that is registered in the name of Aussie HQ Pty Ltd, the registrant being one Michael Cejnar who is registered under the Australian Business register as a sole trader with the ABN: 39817607083. Cejnar is clearly besotted with Abbott and undoubtedly conservatism Abbott style, based on his blog. It was clearly a fad for him and bitter disappointment obviously stopped him writing after August 2010. Cejnar is a doctor, in fact, a clinical cardiologist. It’s little wonder Cejnar can afford to shell out on T-shirts, caps and cut-out cardboard faces. One would think that someone with what must surely pass for a few brain cells, would understand the import of human-induced climate change, and what a market mechanism by way of carbon pricing is. I’d be willing to bet he does, but his ideology over-rides his concern for his species. That, and his unabiding love for Tony Abbott.  Were I he, and glad I’m not, I’d have hidden my dial behind a mask yesterday too!

Then there’s this mob, Just Grounds Community, which purports to adhere to the following Mission Statement:

We welcome all, subject to the Terms of Use, regardless of their location or employment. Insofar as the Moderators are legally able our door will be open to all members. We will endeavour to be fair and reasonable regarding moderation and site management. We will welcome and consider comments and suggestions from members.

We are a community of commentators, observers, doers, and campaigners. We will promote awareness and encourage appropriate action. This will be focussed on (but not limited to) monitoring issues within regional Australia, agriculture, property rights, bureaucratic regulation, and corporate conduct.

We will, to the best of our ability, work collaboratively and strive for synergism with other individuals and groups who share our goals and objectives. Without fear or favour we will praise or disapprove others when warranted.

We acknowledge the social element of our community. It is a community where we will uphold the best of our Australian culture: mateship and the fair go. For some, it is an important source of social contact, which we shall encourage. The site will be structured for the multiple functions of social networking, entertainment and serious discussion.

We will act with integrity, transparency and fiscal accountability. We are a non-profit volunteer organisation, and any funds beyond what is prudent to keep in reserve will be used to support worthy causes.

A brief trundle through that forum collective will soon reveal that it’s a nest of conservatism and right-wing nut-baggery. This is just one example. I had a brief sojourn there and frankly found very few that weren’t denialists or rabid conservatives. Those I did find were, strangely enough, American. I think the one true indicator of the Just Grounds Community’s fruit-battedness has to be the membership of one Barnaby Joyce, who also fronted the rabble….errrm….rally, yesterday.

Bottom line, I suppose, is that these people exist and aren’t likely to dissolve away in the next shower. Despite the fact that most of them came down in the last one. They’ll never amount to much because thankfully, there isn’t enough of them to make any difference. That much we know from the numbers yesterday and earlier this month. They are loud, obnoxious, rabid but above all, bitter. Bitterly disappointed their side lost in August last year, and in truth, that’s where all this angst comes from. A carbon pricing mechanism WILL come into play. Tony Abbott WON’T succeed to the big chair and democracy as we all understand it – worst of all possible systems of government, except for all those already tried – will roll on to the next election in 2013. Nothing much to see here people. Stop your giggling and move on now.

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