Mar 312007

"It’s Good"

Well, no, it’s not good. In fact it’s downright disgraceful and disgusting. Not especially surprising in any particular aspect, but extremely distasteful none the less.

David Hicks was undoubtedly in Afghanistan, given that was where he was sold to the U.S. military by the Afghani Northern Alliance in 2001. As for the rest of what he’s purported to have done, seen, where he’s been and who he’s met….all conjecture. Unproven, baseless conjecture. Now, in order that he escape the clutches of a political ideology which thrives on instilling fear to maintain power, stripping liberties in order that it retain control, and abuses basic human rights and individuals in the name of some warped form of pious self-righteousness, David Hicks has reached the point where he will say and agree to anything. He claims to have met Osama Bin Laden…….Bannerman says ’So Fucking What?!’ Does being in that man’s presence automatically endow one with the nominative of ’terrorist’? Clearly, in the small minds of some, it does. Hicks also now recants his previous claims of torture and abuse at the hands of the U.S. military, yet we know that he told his father of some horrific events which took place shortly after his ’sale’, which included being anally assaulted.

In order that he escape the tender mercies of the ideological demagogues running the U.S. political administration, and it’s military servants in Cuba, Hicks has admitted to, and undoubtedly would agree to even more if pushed, so-called ’crimes’ simply so that he can come home. Not only that, but he has to disavow any future legal action against the regime which has stolen five years of his life, not tell his story for 12 months (how that is to be policed, Bannerman cannot even imagine), and if he’s offered money for it, the Australian government get’s the proceeds!! Now, is David Hicks guilty of a crime, as found by a duly appointed panel of his peers in a proper court of law? Emphatically, no! Why then is the regime from which he is escaping, so vowed and declared that he not only be unable to tell what really happened to him, but also not be able to gain some monetary recompense from it? Is he a convicted drug smuggler? Bannerman doesn’t think so. No boogie boards in Cuba.

In short, what has the Bush administration, and it’s Howardian lapdog, to be so deathly afraid of? The answer to that question is a very simple one which even the tiniest intellect from the far right of the ideological spectrum cannot hope to avoid. Two words…..the truth. Heaven forbid that the real truth of this entire matter ever get out. The real guilt of the so-called war-on-terror(tm) is now out and it rests entirely with the politicians.

Bannerman spotted a blog-post recently which challenged the general populace to examine just what the real truth of various matters presented to the public by media sources might be. It made the statement that, in general, media consumers simply accept what they are told because, well, it’s all we have to rely upon really. Ergo, we, the media consumer, aren’t capable of filtering, divining, understanding or researching information for ourselves, therefore we simply accept what we’re told. The writer even went as far as to claim that were the real truth available for analysis, we’d not be able to recognise it for what it was because our information diet thus far has been almost entirely falsehoods. Bannerman simply does not agree. However, this postulation does have some validity where circumstances such as the Hicks case are concerned. Clearly, political regimes concerned have something to hide. Therefore, they see fit to deny the media consumer, and more to the point, their own electorates, access to the truth, only permitting the media to present what it can glean from the threshing room floor of the place where truth is winnowed.

Afraid of the truth? No, far from it. Bannerman would love to know the truth, regardless of its burrs. He’d happily pay to know, in fact in the Hicks case, would sell what passes for a soul to know the truth. It will out, one day. One day when those who pulled the strings, made the marionettes dance are no longer at risk. When governments have changed and history has blurred the import of what we’re witnessing right now.

It’s not good…….not good at all, but in the end when resolve is depleted and human spirit devastated to the point of desperation, what else is a man to do but that which needs to be done for preservation of self?

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