May 092008

Mark Skaife is apparently feeling the pressure of being a less than successful performer in the V8 Supercar circus.

Those of you who read this tome will recall that while I’m not a fan of Mark Skaife, I’m also jaundiced on the idea that a successful driver can also be a team owner. The two simply don’t mix, and I’m yet to see a successful team owner become a successful V8 Supercar driver, or vice versa.
Clearly, Skaife is feeling the pressure of trying to be both team manager and a successful driver, else he’d not be biting at the media which is saying the very same things that I do. Skaife is either in denial, or desperately trying to convince himself that he’s better than the average individual involved in the upper echelons of Australia’s peak motorsport category.

“I don’t know if it is because I am boss of HRT or if it is because I have been successful and they expect the same success all of the time. I don’t know what the reasons are, but I am critical of people not analysing it properly and not putting those things into perspective”

Time to wake up, Mark. I continue to write that my belief is that a person can be be successful at one thing in life, but mediocre at many. Right now, old son, you’re in the mediocre category, at the least as a driver. My advise? Step out of the car, at least for a season, and take stock of both your business – HRT – and just what you honestly believe you can do when, or if, you get back into one.

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