Dec 012006

The nationally televised and supposedly impromptu performance by News Corporation journalist, Glenn Milne, at last nights Walkley Awards, was perhaps the funniest public display of drunkenness by a luminary your Bannerman has seen for many a year. In fact, I would put it right up there with Sir John Kerr’s Melbourne Cup Day blur and Michael Cole’s 1973 Logie Award performance.

Mr Milne, it seems, is not above making attacks on persons of any public stature, from the lowly to the grand, on the grounds of his perception of their pompousness. Stephen Mayne ought to feel priviledged to have been shoved off the stage by Milne. No doubt he does. Mayne’s rejoinders afterwards showed he clearly enjoyed the exchange from a variety of angles. One wonders today what Milne is doing, other than laying low and nursing a hangover. Perhaps he’s writing a resignation letter?

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