Oct 012009

Here’s a grand example, and here too, is another much more frightening example.

I think anyone with a half-way rational world view will realise upon reading Albrechtsen’s directionless, unsubstantive rant that she has little if anything substantive to say. It’s yet another of the fear-and-loathing anti-leftist dislike texts the woman is famous for. She could have saved herself and the Oz a lot of time and more newsworthy space by simply scribbling “Left is bad. Right is good” and left it at that. There’s nothing in her diatribe which has a factual basis, nor does she offer any alternative view to what she claims are the woes of the world under – as Joe Hockey believes – a vast left-wing conspiracy. It’s all just so much “same ol’-same ol'”.
Then there’s a completely different form of anti-left sentiment, the brand of which deliberately purports to be supported by and supportive of, free speech. This brand. Now, just to caveat what follows, I fully realise that not all of the citizenry of the USofA are froot-loops. Readers here will understand, however, that I do tend to hold the general populace of the USofA to be a completely different species of Homo Sapiens, somewhat along the lines of Homo Sapiens Insolitus. In general, (there’s that caveat again) that citizenry don’t appear to understand much of the world beyond their own borders, and certainly don’t understand their own political system sufficiently to avoid appearing as complete imbeciles to the level that John L. Perry seems intent on achieving. In a country which prides itself on patriotism above all else, where treason and sedition are considered capital crimes, and where the President – unless he/she happens to be enamored by the writings of Machiavelli as the most recent past incumbent seemed to be – is honoured despite ideological leanings, I find it completely bizarre that a supposedly “prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two
should be actively agitating for a military over-throw of a legally elected government. And why is that so?
Not because the man espouses egalitarian beliefs, or because the man understands that governmental power does not flow from the barrel of a gun. Not because the man recognises that unfettered capitalism does not a stable economy make, or because he realises that health is a whole-of-community concern, and not to be left in the hands of profit-driven private instrumentalities concerned only with shareholder return. The sentiments expressed by this fool are based entirely on the colour of his target’s skin. The fact that Obama happens to come from an opposing ideology is a screen for the real angst being expressed by the more radical right in the US. The only thing keeping these thoughtless and uncaring fools from enacting their most preciously held visions is the structure of the US Constitution itself. Perry forgets, conveniently, that the US military are sworn to uphold the sanctity of the constitution and the office of President, who just happens to also be their Commander In Chief. The USofA is NOT the Philippines. Thankfully.
One need only Google ‘John L. Perry’ to realise that Perry & his ilk have a dedicated agenda, supported by a rabid media cadre which is far more frightening than Janet Albrechtsen, Andrew Bolt, Timmy Blair or News Limited. Even combined, in this country at least, News Limited and it’s stable of loopy so-called journos are nothing to be feared. As for the vessel through which Perry makes his veiled threats suggestions……have a read and you decide. Neo-Liberals, to use a Ruddism? I’d prefer to label them neo-nincompoop. A brand new breed of transparent agitators for a future they think they envisage, but aren’t ever likely to see. Being a neo-nincompoop must be so very, very frustrating. I can offer only the following, as stated in the comments to one of the above links:
“there was an election, and you lost. Get over it!”

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