Oct 122012

I came across this just now, and had to laugh to myself. It details graphically the level of political discourse in this country. There is none. Fair call for Cathy Stoner to have her say. As her husband stated, she is a free individual and entitled to her opinion. However the deletion of her Twitter account obviously says otherwise.

It’s also indicative of the type of engagement a great many social media users have with politicians now. Especially those pollies, like Oakeshott, who use the medium. I applaud them all, whatever their political allegiances. Social media is a means of engaging with a constituency. Immediate and powerful when used appropriately. Some don’t get it at all, my own local member, Andrew Lamming being one. Malcolm Turnbull and many of the Labor frontbench use it quite effectively. Barnaby Joyce displays his pretensions as a stand-up comedian in his usage of twitter. Rob Oakeshott isn’t all that prolific, but he does use the medium judiciously. Kudos to him for responding to Cathy Stoner as he did. I’m not aware that Rob Oakeshott is prescient or that he telephones each and every member of his constituency before he makes decisions on their behalf as the elected representative of Lyne, but if as Cathy Stoner states in her critical tweet…

”You have abused the trust of all who supported you + your constituents,You were put there for a reason.”

… he must be doing exactly that, or at least, she expects that’s how he should be working the role. Funny, opinions people have about their elected representatives. As an independent, Oakeshott has no political allegiances, and both he & Windsor have shown as much numerous times. Yet those who do have political and ideological allegiances, as Cathy Stoner clearly does, seem to believe that those who don’t, should, and that those allegiances ought to bloody-well be the same as theirs!!

The really amusing part for me is the last part of her tweet:

“God will not be mocked”

I wasn’t aware God had actually taken up residence in the Federal seat of Lyne, or that he/she/it was on the electoral rolls & voting as a social conservative. Who knew?

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