Nov 032014

Yet again we see the IPCC telling us what we already know to be fact. We Рthe human species Рneed to stop digging up, drilling for and otherwise liberating fossil fuels as the major driver of our energy production. As Ban Ki Moon said, the science is in, and it is irrefutable

Meanwhile, the nihilists, corporate sycophants, pseudo-religious fruitcakes and plain ignorant refuse to accept that unlocking millions of years of stored carbon in less than a millennium is having an irreversible, detrimental impact on the planets’ delicate biosphere. Sure, the planet will recover eventually, once the species liberating fossil fuels are extinct along with practically every known form of animal & insect life. It’s too late now for humanity, I believe. The above-mentioned oxygen thieves will not cease their burning of oil, coal & gas purely because there is money in doing so. Avarice drives these morons.

The human race has destroyed this planets’ ability to foster life in the medium term. Sure, we’ll hang on while a great many of the species alive today vanish. We adapt, but in the end, we will have done for ourselves unless we, as a species, manage to get out into space before we are too occupied by sheer survival.

There is one bright spot in this mad, capitalistic, greed-driven race toward self destruction. Those of us who can see the inevitable are, or already have, taken steps to help those generations as yet unborn. We are taking up renewable energies are a greater rate than ever before. The technology is becoming cheaper & more plentiful, enabling more us exponentially to uptake and use alternatives. Despite the efforts of those few who control sufficient corporate and political power to attempt to negate the rise and rise of alternative energy technology, the signs are already being writ for the fossil fuels sector. Too little too late, but at least some of us will have tried.

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