Dec 122007

W00t is apparently now an accepted word. For real. Frankly I find the way the english language, and it’s attendant cultural vocabularies around the world, changes to be completely bizarre. Why use numbers in an alphabetical language?
Then there’s the other so-called ‘Word of 2007’ – Locavore. So, if you’re a candy fiend, are you a sucravore? If you’re an avid home brew maker as I am, are you automatically classified as Diyvore?
I realise english is regarded as the most difficult language to learn fluently, but seriously, aren’t we who speak it somewhat fluently, only making it more of an elitist undertaking to be viewed as such by those for whom it isn’t their first? I know…’s a plot by leftist anarchists to deliberately keep those who don’t speak english out of the club by creating these completely bizarre and totally useless words. Damn those lefties, eh?

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